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This is where we will keep you all updated with the latest FreeMoneyLotto news and developments

03/08/2019 - We have made a slight tweak to the way the prizes are funded as we forgot to include the Facebook and Flash Draws in the previous calculation.
40% main Twitter pot
25% for the next twitter pot after that
5% to fund the Facebook draw
5% to add to the Flash draw pot
25% to cover our costs

01/08/2019 - The new prize pot calculation starts today. Here is a clarification of how it will work.
The first pot will be £1, we then add 50% of the ad revenue for the previous day every day that it goes unclaimed.
25% of the ad revenue goes towards building the next pot after that.
If the pot is claimed the first day then the next pot will use the 50% ad revenue plus the 25%.
The prize pot will always be a minimum of £1.
The pot will also be rounded to the nearest 10 pence.
Hope that makes it clear how everything will work.

31/07/2019 - From August, instead of a set amount we are going to offer a percentage of the ad revenue which will be added to the prize pot until it is claimed. The prize will never be less than £1, USD and EUR will be converted at the time of payment. This new method has the potential to offer bigger prizes than are currently offered.
This is how the ad revenue will be used:

  • 50% for the current prize pot
  • 25% for the next prize pot
  • 25% for us to pay for costs, time, recover losses etc.

We are determined to keep FreeMoneyLotto going as we still love the idea of giving away free money. Unfortunately we can no longer afford to keep making a loss and need to pay back loans and hopefully start paying the admin staff! We hope that you understand the need for this change and will keep playing and supporting us.

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