Here are some frequently asked questions answered.

Twitter Draw

Q: How do I enter the Twitter draw?
A: Just follow @freemoneylotto on Twitter

Q: How do I enter the Facebook draw?
A: Just follow @freemoneylotto on Facebook

Q: How do I find out if I have won?
A: Check the website. If your handle or name is listed then you have won.

Q: How do I claim my prize?
A: Tweet the message on the draw page marked "winners" to claim or message us on Facebook. Remeber to claim by 12 midnight UK time on the same day of the draw.

Q: How come it is free to play?
A: We are ad funded. You may have noticed the ads on the website, whenever someone clicks on an ad we get paid a small amount.

Q: How is the prize pot calculated?
A: This is how we use the ad revenue every day - 40% for the Twitter prize pot, 25% for the next Twitter prize pot, 5% Flashdraw pot, 5% Facebook draw, 25% for admin.

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