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We started FreeMoneyLotto becuase we love free lotteries. What's not to like? You can win cash or prizes for free. One thing we don't like is having to signup and login to every site to check if you've won. This could lead to spam and you have another password to remember. Then we had this great idea of creating a lottery based on information you alread have, your Twitter handle or Facebook name. So FreeMoneyLotto was born. A compeletley free lottery with no sign up needed.

FreeMoneyLotto is ad driven which means that we fund prizes from the ads on our site. The more players we have, the higher the prizes!

We are available worldwide and pay in GBP, USD and EUR through PayPal or GBP through Amazon vouchers. As we get more players, we aim to start paying in other currencies.

Currently, we use the Google Random Number Generator to work out who has won. Starting from the first followers upwards on Twitter or Facebook and then any extra entries in chronological order. We appreciate that a certain level of trust is required here but can assure you we only ever select random winners.

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